First impressions of new products

So I did some hauling – as you do when you first start a beauty blog. There is just so much new goodness to be discovered and it’s very hard to resist. This is a bit of a mixed bag – some things I love, some I’m still deciding on and some that are teetering dangerously close to my donation bag…

STRATIA SKIN Liquid Gold – This product contains a magic mix of ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol. I became interested in these ingredients after reading this post by Sarah from You Glow Gal. They are essentially critical ingredients to repair your skin’s barrier function, but tend to be absent from most facial oils. As a facial oil lover, and major moisturiser sceptic, I found this really interesting (and slightly alarming), especially as I have recently realised that I tend to get acne flare-ups when my skin is in a weakened state. Sarah recommends a Skinceuticals moisturiser, which is not only expensive but actually impossible to get in New Zealand (I tried pretty hard). I toyed with the idea of picking it up when I head back to England for Christmas, but then I saw the Liquid Gold on Instagram. It contains those three magic ingredients and is waaaaay more affordable so I decided to give it a go! I LOVE this stuff. I can’t say I’ve seen any results yet as I’ve only been using it for about a month, but my skin is slowly improving and it is just such a lovely product to use. It’s quite light so I use it as a serum (my skin is so dry at the moment!), followed by a moisturiser. It sinks in beautifully and my skin feels really nice and hydrated. Highly recommended!

MOSS SKINCARE Vert Pur – This arrived when my skin was going through a low point. I used it once and hated it. I thought it left a residue on my skin and I didn’t enjoy using it. I left it alone for a week or two, but then one day when my skin was doing better I decided to give it another go. I am now absolutely in love with this and totally gutted that it only comes in a 50ml bottle. My skin just really likes it and has been getting better and better everyday since I started using it again. I use it religiously every evening as my second cleanse, following Jordan Samuel Plie, and as I massage it in my skin just seems to perk-up! Unfortunately it is not currently available as the founder of Moss has put the brand on hold as she deals with some health issues. They are selling the product stock they have left but not currently making any more. There are a some of their products still available on their website if you are interested. I’m going to be so sad when this runs out.

MAHALO Rare Indigo Beauty Balm – This one is sadly not for me. I have mixed feelings about the fact that I don’t like this – I’m sad because it’s a lovely product and so many people have great results with it, but I’m also happy because it has firmly put the lid on my desire to delve into the world of beauty balms (think May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon) which are a notoriously pricey luxury. This just did nothing for my skin and it potentially increased my breakouts. The texture is a little greasy for me too. In my opinion the only redeeming features are the smell (lush) and the colour! If you have really dry skin and are not breakout prone it’s worth checking out. I got a trial size from The Green Jungle Beauty Shop, which is the perfect way to give it a go without splurging on the full size.

VINTNER’S DAUGHTER Active Botanical Serum – Again, another one I am not too fussed about. It’s nice, but it’s not amazing for me, and for £150 it has got to be AMAZING. Luckily I got a little sample vial with a Cult Beauty order, because otherwise I am sure I would have made the splurge by this point. I saw one review describe the formula as ‘unicorn tears’ and I have to say I agree with this. It’s unlike any other oil I have used; so silky and it sinks in SO nicely. It smells pretty strongly of something familiar that I can’t identify (I think jasmine – does anyone know?!), which is nice. But at the end of the day this oil just doesn’t do anything for me. If something weird happened and I ordered this without realising (sleep-shopping, drunk-shopping?!) then it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but I couldn’t knowingly bring myself to spend that kind of money on it.

HOLISTIC GREEN BEAUTY Chocolate Cleansing Balm – This first impressions is turning into a bit of downer (I promise it picks up with the next one!). Unfortunately the Chocolate Cleansing balm was just full on disappointing for me. And I’ve only used it once. When it arrived the formula had separated, presumably from the warmer weather we had that week! That’s not the brand’s fault and doesn’t bother me too much. The smell is beautiful – just like chocolate and good enough to eat! When I used it the massage it gave and the texture were lovely, but when I went to put it on my eyes to remove my mascara it stung like an absolute b***h. Then when I went in with my wet flannel to remove, the smell suddenly changed and became really bitter, chemically and overpowering. And I’m pretty sure it broke me out (although my skin wasn’t great at the time so I can’t be sure). I’m going to hold onto it and maybe give it another go when my skin is really playing ball. But for now it’s a thumbs down from me.


SU-MAN SKINCARE Essential Discovery Collection – This is a little trial kit I picked up from Cult Beauty. I’ll be honest I only got it because I wanted to buy something so I could get the Vintner’s Daughter sample (ridiculous I know). However I am very nicely surprised and am really enjoying the products!

  • Velvet Skin Brightening Serum – If you have read my Treatment 101 post you will know that this is my first venture into brightening serums. The texture is really lovely – similar to the emulsion I get when I mix a hydrating serum and an oil. I’ve been using it for about a week, and I can’t say I’ve seen brightening results, but it’s probably to early. I will keep going and if I really like it I will do a full review.
  • Purifying Cleansing Gel Oil – This one I really like – texture, smell, everything. However, I again used it when my skin was being particularly hideous so can’t speak to whether it breaks me out, but it is quite heavy so I am worried that if I try it again it will break me out. As much as I enjoyed using it first time, my skin is behaving so well at the moment I am too nervous to use it again! I need to man-up….
  • Exfoliating Facial Polish – Love this. Super gentle (although I still use it on-top of a cleanser as I do will all physical scrubs), smells of coffee, does the job. Winner. Will quite likely buy the full size of this and use it on my upper torso as well.

SU-MAN SKINCARE Rehydrating Toning Serum – This was a separate purchase to the trial kit and is the real winner of this range for me so far. It’s essentially a hydrating serum, it’s that thick, but in a huge (pump-action) bottle. I think technically it’s an essence and I use it like I suspect one is supposed to use an essence (I have no idea). Sometimes I use it as a toner, post cleanse, but more frequently I reach for it post retinol or exfoliating treatment (where I will have spritzed pre-treatment) to add some hydration and slip before I go in with an oil. I find it really helps my oils sink in, as I usually leave my treatment for 20-30 minutes so my skin is pretty dry by the time I reach for an oil. Would highly, highly recommend this and have done to lots of people already.

I am aware these are pretty short reviews but if you have any questions about the products please leave a comment below or hit me up on Instagram @infatuatedbybeauty

Peace out x


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