Christmas Beauty Wishlist

I cannot believe it’s less than a month until Christmas. Where the hell has 2016 gone (not that any of us will be sad to see back of this annus horribilis).

I know everyone’s probably fatigued post Black Friday, but I didn’t buy anything so I’m itching for my Christmas time splurging!

I am heading home to England for Christmas which is my annual opportunity to ransack the local Boots, spends hours in Selfridges and in general stock up on more products that my face could ever possibly need.

Since starting this blog my wishlist has been growing at a rapid speed. So when my Grandmother started asking what I wanted for Christmas on 4th October (one day after my birthday), I started to take a more considered approach to thinking about what I actually wanted/needed (‘needed’ – haha, as if!).

I have managed to curate my list down to the following. I don’t think I will honestly get all of these over the Christmas/New Year period, but these are probably my priority for the next six months.

MAYA CHIA The Super Couple: From the moment I first saw this brand I knew had to try it. I’m not really sure what it is, but everything about it appeals to me – the name, the branding, the packaging and its star ingredient, the chia seed. While I also have my eye on the cleansing oil, the first product I am going to try is the Super Couple facial oil. The product is named for its two core ingredients, chia seed oil and astaxanthin which is “clinically proven to have 65X the strength of Vitamin C to fight free radicals”. If you read my review of La Belle Lune’s oil, I talked about how the oils I currently own all fit into a specific niche. I feel like this will be a good all-rounder product for when my skin is…. oh who am I kidding, I just want this so badly! As far as I know this isn’t stocked in the UK so I’ll probably put in an order for it in the new year.

VOTARY Super Seed Range: Votary has been on my radar for a little while now as Caroline Hirons has been talking about it for at least a year. I liked the sound of the original cleansing oil, but it didn’t grab me and given that it’s hard to get in NZ I didn’t think much more about it. Then they bought out the Super Seed range and I started to see it a lot more on Instagram and YouTube – my interest was peaked. It is a range specifically targeted at skin that is temperamental and unhappy – whether it’s due to sensitivity or hormones (yes please!). The facial oil is essential oil free, and while I don’t have problems with essential oils it’s always good to have something you know isn’t going to irritate for emergencies (I do own Jordan Samuel’s Etoile which is also essential oil free… but shhhh.) I have already strategically asked my Granny for a Liberty voucher for Christmas, so at least one thing from this range is coming home with me.

DRUNK ELEPHANT C-Firma: OK, so my Instagram followers will know I’ve already bought this! Oops 🙂 A first impressions of this will be coming next week.

INDIE LEE Brightening Cleanser and COQ-10 Toner: Indie Lee is well loved among the skincare community so it is only natural that something from the line is on my list. Had you asked me about two months ago, the Brightening Cleanser would have absolutely been the top of my wishlist, but as time has gone on its been bumped by various oilier alternatives. I do still want to try it, and the COQ-10 toner seems likes a sensible addition. 

ROSALENA Facial Oils: More facial oils… I really don’t need these but there is just something about them that sounds awesome. The range is made up of four oils – Rock & Rose and Frank & Sense would be my picks. Frank & Sense in particular looks right up my street as it’s designed to tackle seasonal skin issues including seasonal transitions – my skin always plays up in the winter-spring/summer-autumn transitions. They are pricey as they are only 15ml (this is a bit annoying), so I’m debating whether these are worth it. Any thoughts welcome! If you are interested in these then head over to Kelli Lash’s review for an amazing discount code.

BY TERRY Impearlious Voile De Perle Compact: Other than foundations I’ve not really been too fussed by make-up recently (I mean I love using it but haven’t been lusting after too many new products). However, I was browsing the Christmas section of my local Mecca Cosmetica and saw this. The packaging of the highlighter is gorgeous so I gave it a quick swatch and nearly died. It is SO beautiful. I own a highlighter from The Balm which I use when I remember to, so I really don’t need another one but it’s just so pretty. It went on the Christmas list I gave my Mum. Fingers crossed.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY The Dolce Vita Luxury Palette: I’ve always said to myself that if I had to only ever use one make-up brand again it would be Charlotte Tilbury (and I’ve literally only ever used three products). I’ve always dreamed of the eye shadow quads and the Dolce Vita has always been the one that called to me. But it seemed excessive given that I have quite a few eye shadow palettes. However, I recently watched this video by Alix from I Covet Thee, where she used the palette to do a beautiful eye look and I was sold. Again it went on the Christmas list and I’m fairly sure my Mum has already hunted this down for me (it was sold out in a few places for a while!)

ILCSI Sour Cherry and Blackthorn Mask: This is an old favourite that I really need to repurchase. Actually, saying that, the better my skin has been in recent months the less I have missed this. However, this is absolutely my favourite mask of all time. It hydrates, calms, exfoliates, smells like cherry jam and can double up as a Halloween costume (google it). How’s that for multitasking! A few years ago a combination of long-haul travel and NZ winter sent my skin into overdrive and it was the closest I have come to my face actually falling off (I’m not even joking…). One application of this saved my face. It’s amazing stuff.  It’s also not toexpensive as far as good skincare goes, and for that reason I will pick this up again soon.

CHANEL Hydra Beauty Micro Serum: It feels a bit stupid saying “Chanel is a brand that has really taken me surprise recently” because, duh, it’s Chanel.  But really, it has. I have always been of the thinking that I wouldn’t go near skincare from a big ‘colour’ make-up brand with a barge pole (think Mac, Bobbi Brown, Nars, YSL, Chanel). However, I got a department store voucher for my birthday from work and for some god-unknown reason I found myself at the Chanel counter looking at skincare. I’d read a fair amount of good reviews of the Hydra Beauty range and so I picked up the Hydra Beauty Creme (for normal-dry skin). As soon as I walked out of the shop I regretted it because I was convinced it was going to break me out. However, I bloody love it and am now looking to try something from the range. The Hydra Beauty Micro Serum seems to be a popular choice and I think it’s a product that will fit in best with my skincare ‘style’. Will hopefully pick this up in duty free somewhere on my travels!

OUAI Haircare range: Phew – I’m at the end. If you haven’t heard of Ouai you must be living under the rock. The hair-care line from superstar stylist Jen Atkin (hairdresser to the Kardashians and boss-lady Chrissy Teigen) has had a serious amount of publicity, both in the blogosphere and mainstream media. Somewhat surprisingly I’ve not heard a bad review of these products and I totally want to jump on the bandwagon. Other than shampoo and conditioner I’m not sure which styling product to try first – any recommendations welcome!


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