February Favourites

I’m usually so fickle with my skincare that nothing has warranted a ‘favourites’ post before.

However last month I have really found my groove with some products so I thought I would tell you about them.

May Lindstrom The Honey Mud

I had a sample of this last year and struggled to get to grips with it on its own as a cleanser, as it is meant to be used. I found it too sticky and couldn’t figure out how to massage it into the skin. However, I loved using it as a mask (mixed with The Problem Solver), so much so that I decided to buy it alongside TPS anyway. I’m so glad I did. You need to dampen your skin first and then massage, massage, massage. The feel of it changes as you keep massaging and it becomes looser and creamy and works really well into the skin. I don’t have any balm cleansers at the moment, so I reach for this when I really want something that feels luxurious. Given the recent price hikes, I will definitely now only use this on special occasions.

Su-Man Cleansing Gel-Oil

This came as part of the Su-Man set I bought last year. I tried it once, but there was something about it that made me think prolonged used would break me out, so it got pushed to the bottom of the pecking order of cleansers. Back in January I went through all my skincare and made a spreadsheet (I’m such a geek) detailing when every product expires. I realised that the Su-Man products are all up in April so decided to give the cleanser another go. I LOVE this stuff and have used it pretty much every morning since early February. It is a genuine gel to oil, that emulsifies really well (better than Jordan Samuel Plie which I can’t use with out a wash cloth).

Stratia Liquid Gold

This one is gaining a bit of momentum among the skincare community at the moment! I can’t remember where I first saw this (on Instagram somewhere), but I jumped on it because it contains the trifecta of fatty acids, ceramides and cholesterol. I had been trying to get hold of the Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore, so when this came along for a fraction of the price I was ecstatic. I used this on an off for a while after I first got it, but again struggled to find my groove. I wasn’t enough for me as a moisturiser so I struggled to figure out how to fit it into my routine. Then I had an epiphany and realised I could mix a few drops of an oil in to give it a boost (I usually reach for Jordan Samuel Etoile or Votary Super Seed Facial Oil). This is a perfect combination as it gives me the benefits of a moisturiser but still lets me use my beloved oils. If you don’t generally get on with moisturisers I would highly recommend this – it really is more like a serum and the ingredients are the bomb.

MAC Prep and Prime Fix+

I saw this recommended by Rosalba from @myskincare_beautyjourney. I wasn’t particularly looking for a product like this, but she made it sound so great I decided to pick it up. The combination of this and my new holy grail foundation (coming in March favourites!) has just blown my mind. I spritz on before I apply my foundation (after SPF), occasionally while applying the foundation if I am being a bit heavy handed, when I’ve finished my foundation (I go in with a Real Techniques sponge to make sure it’s all smooth), and then I also go in with it as final make-up step to take off any powdery edge. It’s not a setting spray per se, but it just helps your make-up come together and sit really well on the skin. I seriously love this stuff.


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