Hello and welcome to Infatuated by Beauty! My name is Effie – I am British and currently living in Christchurch, New Zealand (thank God for Cult Beauty’s free shipping!)

My love affair with skincare has been a long one. I have always been breakout prone but my troubles reached a pinnacle about five years ago, so I saw a dermatologist and was prescribed roaccutane. This absolutely worked for me, while I was on it. Once I came of it my skin started to deteriorate again.

I didn’t want to go back on roaccutane so I started to really educate myself about skincare and ingredients so I could self-manage breakouts. And touch-wood it is working! I’m not breakout free, but my skin is healthier and I know what to do when I breakout.

Caroline Hirons and Paula’s Choice have been invaluable in my learning (when I’m looking at making a purchase I run every ingredient through PC website to check what it is and what it does).

Now I am pushing 30, I am noticing my skin change. It errs towards the combination dry side of things, whereas it used to be oily. It does still get quite congested which often leads to breakouts.

I am not an expert – just a serious skincare fangirl. I believe that if you have beautiful skin, the make-up side of things comes easy. (You may still find make-up reviews on here though!)

All reviews I post are based on what works for me. We all have different skin that reacts differently to different ingredients. What works for me may not work for you.

I am constantly educating myself and I hope this blog will allow me to share some of what I am learning!



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