Beauty Heroes Subscription Box- My impressions

Beauty subscription boxes. I have no idea how many there are out there (a lot), but they have always hovered on the peripheries of my interest/shopping list.

Let me start by take a quick detour and making a confession – I’ve grown to hate samples. I find them hugely wasteful and not really that helpful when it comes to my skincare journey. Of course, if it’s a product that’s already sitting on my wishlist and I have a chance to try it out, then I’m all over it. But random stuff, like the Jouer tinted moisturers that Cult Beauty are always giving away in utterly useless colours? No thanks.

Coming back to beauty boxes – this is inherently why they have never interested me. I don’t particularly want to fork out X amount of money on a box of things I don’t particularly want and am not going to get much benefit from due to the small product sizes.

That was until I laid eyes on the Beauty Heroes box.

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Mecca Maxima Haul and First Impressions

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my posts about the chaos that was the Christchurch Mecca Maxima opening.

In New Zealand we get our beauty fix from Mecca. We have Mecca Cosmetica (think Space NK – white, luxurious, $$$) which has been in Christchurch for as long as I have been here. It’s pretty awesome, covers all the bases (Nars, Dr Dennis Gross, By Terry, Bumble and Bumble and even Kate Somerville) and is well priced again overseas RRPs.

Last month Mecca Maxima opened its first NZ shop in Christchurch. Maxima is Cosmetica’s younger sister. Think Sephora – ‘cool’ brands, chaotic and an kick-ass aisle of doom (seriously – travel sized Kate Somerville Nourish. I die).

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First impressions of new products

So I did some hauling – as you do when you first start a beauty blog. There is just so much new goodness to be discovered and it’s very hard to resist. This is a bit of a mixed bag – some things I love, some I’m still deciding on and some that are teetering dangerously close to my donation bag…

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La Belle Lune First Impressions

La Belle Lune Organic Skin was my first purchase in my new-found status as a ‘beauty blogger’. I would never have discovered this if it wasn’t for Instagram – so thank you to the amazing ladies out there who love and recommend this.

When deciding what I was going to buy to kick start my blog, I did ALOT of research and La Belle Lune quickly went to the top of my list. Reading through its creator Annabelle’s Instagram feed I realised that this was a no brainer. Annabelle has been through her fair share of skin troubles and on her journey to healing her skin she “discovered the incredible benefits of cold pressed seed oils and essential oils for healing and nourishment”.

She created this product, as so many of the founders of amazing small brands do, because she found ingredients that worked wonders for her and wanted to share them with others who have been through the same experience as she has.

So, as someone who still suffers from troublesome skin, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this.

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