My week without facial oils

I recently mentioned on Instagram that I was giving up facial oils for a week and lots of people were interested why. Those who have become familiar with my skincare preferences will know that not using oils for a whole week is a big deal for me.

I have always struggled with moisturisers, primarily because all of those occlusive ingredients wreak havoc on my acne prone skin. I’ve found a couple that work for me, Clinique Moisture Surge Intense and Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme, but they are quite light and I’ve frequently felt like they are not enough. I do also use the Stratia Liquid Gold, which is a light lotion that contains moisturising ingredients and some oil, but again it felt too light to be used alone. So, usually, I would add a drop or two of a facial oil either under or over my moisturiser morning and night, but more recently I’ve forgone moisturisers all together because I just felt like they weren’t doing anything.

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La Belle Lune First Impressions

La Belle Lune Organic Skin was my first purchase in my new-found status as a ‘beauty blogger’. I would never have discovered this if it wasn’t for Instagram – so thank you to the amazing ladies out there who love and recommend this.

When deciding what I was going to buy to kick start my blog, I did ALOT of research and La Belle Lune quickly went to the top of my list. Reading through its creator Annabelle’s Instagram feed I realised that this was a no brainer. Annabelle has been through her fair share of skin troubles and on her journey to healing her skin she “discovered the incredible benefits of cold pressed seed oils and essential oils for healing and nourishment”.

She created this product, as so many of the founders of amazing small brands do, because she found ingredients that worked wonders for her and wanted to share them with others who have been through the same experience as she has.

So, as someone who still suffers from troublesome skin, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this.

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Sunday Riley Artemis review

Artemis, Artemis, Artemis. Where do I start. I have a love hate relationship with this product. The low point being when I tried to return it because it frustrated me so much, the high point when I panic bought a back-up as soon as I heard it was being discontinued. But love it I do.

(Now I’ve said that, I’m not entirely sure why I am writing a review of a product that is being discontinued… but please! Read on…)

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