Sunday Riley Artemis review

Artemis, Artemis, Artemis. Where do I start. I have a love hate relationship with this product. The low point being when I tried to return it because it frustrated me so much, the high point when I panic bought a back-up as soon as I heard it was being discontinued. But love it I do.

(Now I’ve said that, I’m not entirely sure why I am writing a review of a product that is being discontinued… but please! Read on…)

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Birthday hauling: NIOD & The Ordinary

The beginning of October saw my birthday – the final year of my twenties *weeps into tea*.

I don’t know what it is about my birthday but it makes me feelĀ really spendy. And I give myself the best gifts! I think it’s because I start thinking about what I want, then I end up wanting way more than I can actually ask people for as presents, so I just buy it all for myself.

This year’s birthday coincided with the launch of The Ordinary, the final week of Jordan Samuel’s discount code, and the news that Sunday Riley are discontinuing Artemis. You can imagine what happened…
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